Will & Kate Jacobson

Will and Kate Jacobson’s twenty-year collaboration together has given them fire, laughter, wonder and joy. Through their work, they attempt to create a harmonious substance of form, line and color. These explorations lead them to gaze at the world with their hearts and minds and they are always astonished at what they see. Their approach to creating art is much more intuitive than pragmatic. When working, they allow the fate of the clay to reveal itself and then they embrace the experience. It’s almost an involuntary response where they are simultaneously the guide and the seeker. Their technique is called Naked Raku. They call it naked because they expose the unadorned, earthly beauty of clay. “We attempt to celebrate such natural grace by allowing it to speak with its own voice. We call it raku because we fire in the tradition of Japanese potters. Naked Raku succeeds tradition by using a slip/glaze combination as a resistance to the clay.” Will is extraordinarily talented at throwing clay on the potters’ wheel. His forms speak of a graceful elegance which is timeless. Kate does the hand building of the vessel lids and most of the etching and painting. The language of clay transcends time and place; history and culture are communicated through the potters’ hands and preserved forever.

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