Steve Matson

Discover a revolutionary art-form that has never been seen before. An artistic fusion created with traditional paints and brushes, combining elements of cinematography, visual effects, digital painting, animation, music and sound. At any one time you can see over hundred different layers of painted animated elements often subtle in their detail, all working together in harmony to create a completely unique multidimensional experience.

Steve is a Hawaii born, award winning artist, who splits his time between the fine art and creating film effects for Hollywood movies. He has painted backgrounds for films; Life of Pi (Academy Award – best Visual Effects), Polar Express, Superman, 300, The Chronicles of Narnia, Surfs Up, Beowulf, Star Wars EP3 and many others.

For centuries there has existed an unoccupied point between painting, dance, music and sculpture, the place between static and motion. Steve’s moving paintings allow us to enter that rarified place, to be absorbed in the mesmerizing dance of the painted image coming alive, to be immersed in a living environment that challenges the imagination as it moves us through layers of color and form.

“I had to wait 20 years but finally the various technologies matured and converged to make my dream a reality: bringing my paintings to life.”

The wonders of brilliant koi sinuously slipping through the water, scales flashing; the hypnotic spell of waves crashing on the beach or the ineffable translucence of abstractions drifting in and out of the frame bring a new category of artistic experience into our world. Steve has created a truly original artistic category, occupying a new artistic point, at once enveloping painting, movement, sound and music.

Growing up in Hawaii, the colors, motion and textures of the islands became embedded in my imagination and my dreams. They taught me the elemental qualities that have emerged in my work. In making my art I have discovered that not only am I bringing my expression to life and letting others into my own unique imagination. But the movement and content of the work also brings healing and relief to many who experience it. This exciting dimension to my work is both humbling and energizing to me as an artist. It helps me to expand my sense of how my art communicates and how I want to enrich and learn from it. For me, bringing my vision of childhood delight and wonder into a fluid creation of image and motion is a great fulfillment and something I am honored to share”.

Steve Matson

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