Steve Barton

Not long ago, Steve Barton was known as a local artist, capturing bright and colorful California coastal scenes from La Jolla to Carmel.

Today, Barton’s work is on display in more than 40 galleries, covering over a dozen states, including Hawaii, New York, Florida and even Puerto Rico.

Originally from New Hampshire, Barton’s success as an artist began early. His Mother, an oil painter herself, inspired and encouraged him to paint, and at just 8 years old, Steve picked up a paint brush for the first time, never imagining that 26 years later, his hobby would lead to a successful career.
Steve sold his first painting at 16 years old for an impressive $350. Unfortunately, it cost him close to that much to frame the piece he sold. However, one year later, he was receiving awards and was invited to the White House, where Senator John Sununu (who later went on to become White House Chief of Staff) took possession of one of the first Barton originals. It was titled, “old man of the mountain,” which is a local landmark in New Hampshire and it was to remind Sununu of his (and Barton’s) home state while away at the White House.

Mr. Sununu is not the only “celebrity” figure to take interest in Barton’s work. Multi-time Boxing Champion, Oscar de la Hoya, heavyweight, Olympic gold medalist George Forman and NASCAR driver Casey Mears are of several well known art collectors who have taken interest in Barton’s talents.

Known for his strong brush strokes, rich textures and vibrant colors, Barton brings a sense of joy and peace to each of his paintings by devoting himself to each work in progress, always painting to create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Among his favorite settings to capture on canvas; old quaint coffee houses, cottages, cabins and villas, surrounded by the bright blue water and colorful flowers that complete the tropical feel of all Barton’s work. “I get inspired by places that I feel people want to go to on vacation,” says Steve, “and the beach is what I think of when I imagine getting away since it is the complete opposite from where I grew up. I’m drawn to the blue water, beautiful flowers, the warmth, the smells and the peacefulness and innocence,” continued Barton, “and that is exactly what I try and convey with my paintings.”

Barton’s true individuality came in 1999 with the introduction of the “Wavy” canvas and frame. The Wavy Frame, was designed to bring the frame into the work of art, creating a single unit. The Wavy frame invites you to walk around the room, viewing the scene from different angles, as the natural shadow lines of the canvas changes the image subtly. The Wavy is a perfect extension of Barton’s personality; Fun, Loving and Joyful.

Passionate and giving are two more words synonymous with Barton’s painting and his love for the arts. Barton donates his time by doing painting demos and encouraging students worldwide. On his last mission, he went to Russia where he spoke to kids from Junior High to College about painting and setting goals in life.

Not only is Steve Barton’s work original and uplifting, his dynamic personality and demeanor is enthusiastic and playful. Armed with a VENTI cup of coffee, Barton starts his day with his four dogs,
Ginger, Rocco, Klondike & Sugar and enjoys the freedom of spending afternoons with his wife, Deborah and son, Chad.

”Everyday day I am blown away by God’s incredible gifts. It just
makes you want to paint!”